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Looking for a comprehensive Business Directory or Who's Who? Then Rifacimento International is the organisation to turn to!

Our company, Rifacimento International, is a major player in the field of book publishing. Established in the year 1982, it is a specialist publishing house. Its uniqueness is in the type of publications the firm has been bringing out regularly over the past 27 years.

We specialize only in two kinds of books of the genre of Who’s Whos and Business Directories. In the Who’s Who category we have so far brought out since inception various different titles each with regular follow-up volumes/editions. In the business book category too we have so far published many different titles also with follow-up editions.

The Who’s Who range of books essentially provide short, crisp capsule biographical profiles of eminent and up-and-coming men and women from the continents of Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe under different titles.

With our vast experience in the area of Who’s Who we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the world of publishing. Competition in this specialized field of publishing as far as we are concerned is almost negligible. Many others in the field have come and gone before and after us. But we continue to grow.

Our Business Directories are basically pointers for business organisations and executives from around the world looking for new trade openings and ventures. It is a guide book for buyers and sellers, importers and exporters, entrepreneurs and others in the trading community in search of new collaboration or expansion of business operations. The Business Directories in different titles cover business houses and establishments mainly from Asia and the Middle-East.

The publications are being circulated among various National & International Libraries, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies & Consulates, Trade Development Boards, etc., and are used as a reservoir of useful information.

Rifacimento International has weathered many a storm but steadfastly refused to give up. Our determination has taken us from strength to strength and today we epitomize that inner strength standing tall even after so many years in the line with active support from well-wishers around the world.



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